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Mission Statement

ISFA's sole mission is to serve and satisfy the needs of the members of the Society and others involved in the field of apheresis technologies.

  1. The main objectives of ISFA is to disseminate on an international basis the most up-to-date apheresis technologies and their clinical applications so that all may benefit from the efforts of ISFA.
  2. The membership of ISFA is composed of individuals and corporations interested in apheresis technologies and their application to various diseases worldwide.
  3. ISFA will work within the international community of apheresis societies and intends to join the World Apheresis Association.
    1. ISFA will organize and hold its congress every two years. The site of the ISFA congress will rotate among geographical regions, primarily the Americas, Europe, and Pan Pacific.
    2. ISFA will publish its official journal "Therapeutic Apheresis and Dialysis"
    3. ISFA will sponsor specific apheresis symposia both regionally and internationally.
    4. ISFA will strive to establish international educational programs for individuals involved in apheresis technologies.
    5. ISFA will strive to establish safety, quality and efficacy guidelines for various apheresis technologies.
    6. ISFA will strive to establish guidelines for the optimal therapeutic regimens of the various disease states amenable to apheresis technologies.
    7. ISFA will strive to assess feasibility of apheresis technology with or without public, privates, corporate, or organizational requests, to satisfy not only global needs but also specific local requirements.
    8. ISFA will strive to establish a resource center to house most up-to-date apheresis technologies.
  4. To achieve ISFA's mission, as described above, each member of ISFA will pay his or her membership fee as determined by the board of trustees. Manufacturers of devices, pharmaceutical companies and other firms related to apheresis technology will be encouraged to become corporate members of the Society.
  5. To conduct the required activities of ISFA, its members will elect a Board of Trustees to prioritize the activities for which the board is responsible, including its financial and legal affairs.
ISFA Bylaws 

International Society For Apheresis

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Shiga University of Medical Science,
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