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 AFSA21      ASFA/ISFA Joint day!!

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 Since this is full virtual meeting, we could not make one day registration. ISFA members will have full access to this meetings, not only ASFA/ISFA joint day, all meeting.

NEW! Platform Supports 12 Languages
Our virtual platform will support multi-language interface options to personalize the individual user's needs.We are pleased to support 12 languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Please note, translation options are limited and do not apply to educational content. 



Toray Industries, Inc. (Tokyo Japan). Since its founding, Today stands ready to meet the challenges of future by creating new technologies attuned to the changing times while expanding into new technological fields. In the medical device area, Today has developed and marketed a number of unique and well-regarded products such as Toraymyxin and Hemofeel. Toryamyxin is a blood purification device consisting of polymyxin B-immobilized fiber which removes plasma endotoxin from septic patiesnts thus improving their hemodynamics. Hemofeel is a hemofilter used mainly for adjusting the composition of body fluids of patients with acute renal failure receiving treatment in ICU and Emergency & Critical Care Department. Depending on the purpose of the treatment, you can choose between two types of filters, one is high-flux membrance made with polysulfone and the other is Hemofeel CH made with PMMA membrane for conditions where the removal of substances causing illness is important.

International Society For Apheresis

Postcode: 520-2192

Shiga University of Medical Science Seta Tsukinowa-cho, Otsu, Shiga 520-2192, Japan