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Current president greeting

7th Term President
Tohru Tani
I have been chosen as a president of ISFA last year at ISFA Congress in Austria. Over 20 years, I have been developing new equipments and practicing in the apheresis field. I am strongly willing to participate and keep a strong relationship with ISFA, which has been growing the member up to 500 people as an international individual association. Especially in the emerging countries and Asian countries, apheresis has been required rapidly and I believe we need to commit a bigger movement. As ISFA, we hope it would be well-known, and contribute not only in the advanced countries but also in the developing countries. We also hope to create a deeper relationship with the individual level in each domestic association.
Regarding at this point of view, the ISFA 2013 will be held in Hangzhou, China. We hope a lot of members and new members would attend this congress and looking for new opinions by members who could recommend a new theme.
Finally, as a member of Japanese association, I sincerely appreciate all of the ISFA members many kindnesses to the Tremendous East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.
Tohru Tani, President of ISFA

The Officers and The Board of Trustees 7th Term (2011-2013)

The Officers


Tohru Tani (Japan)


Patrick Moriarty (USA)

Immediate Past-President

Wolfgang Ramlow (Germany)

Vice President

  • M. Figueroa (Argentina)
  • W. Szpirt (Denmark)
  • H. Tsuda (Japan)

Secretary Treasurer

Yoshihiro Endo (Japan)

Editor-in Chief

Tadao Akizawa (Japan)

Congress President

Lanjuan Li (China)

Regional Offices

  • America: P. Malchesky (USA), P. Moriarty (USA),
    A. Torloni (USA)
  • Europe: K. Derfler (Austria), Jens Klinkmann (Germany), A. Witt (Austria)
  • Pan-Pacific: Deling Kong (China), Kuo-Juei Lin (ROC), M. Yonekawa (Japan)

The Board of Trustees


  • Ash, S. R. (USA)
  • deFerranti, S. (USA)
  • Ivanovich, P. (USA)
  • Kaplan, A. (USA)
  • Khatri, B. O. (USA)
  • Malchesky, P. S. (USA)
  • Reddy, R. L. (USA)
  • Siami, G. A. (USA)
  • Siami, F. S. (USA)
  • Torloni, A. S. (USA)


  • Casian, A. (UK)
  • Julius, U. (Germany)
  • Klinkmann, J. (Germany)
  • Pokrovsky, S. (Russia)
  • R. Ponikvar (Slovenia)
  • A. Ramunni (Italy)
  • Schuff-Werner, P. (Germany)
  • C. Stefanutti (Italy)
  • A. Vogt (Germany)
  • A. Witt (Austria)


  • Akizawa, A. (Japan)
  • Chiu, H.C. (ROC)
  • Han, K. (Korea)
  • Ikeda, S. (Japan)
  • Inadome, S. (Japan)
  • Koga, N. (Japan)
  • Matsumoto, T. (Japan)
  • Mineshima, M. (Japan)
  • Oda, S. (Japan)
  • Shoji, H. (Japan)
 Lists of organizations

International Society For Apheresis

Postcode: 520-2192

Shiga University of Medical Science,
Seta Tsukinowa-cho, Otsu,
Shiga 520-2192, Japan

ISFA 15th World Congress