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Current president greeting

Patrick Moriarty
8th Term President
Patrick Moriarty
Dear ISFA members,
As the new president of ISFA I will continue to expand our collaboration with physicians and research scientists from around the world who are working in the field of apheresis. The 2015 10th Congress will be held in the United States and with the support of our new officers, board of trustees, and members we plan on an exciting meeting. Additionally, we anticipate collaborating with other apheresis organizations to further advance the science and participants to the congress. Together, we can work toward fulfilling the vision of medicine established by Hippocrates in the 5th century B.C.
“Medicine is the art of addition and subtraction. The subtraction of all that is excessive, and the addition of all that is missing. And he who might be the best at doing this – will be the best doctor.”
Warm regards,
Patrick M. Moriarty
President, ISFA

The Officers and The Board of Trustees 8th Term (2013-2015)

The Officers


P. Moriarty (USA)


W. Szpirt (Denmark)

Immediate Past-President

T. Tani (Japan)

Vice President

  • A. Torloni (USA)
  • A. Casian (UK)
  • M. Yonekawa (Japan)

Secretary Treasurer

Y. Endo (Japan)

Editor-in Chief

T. Akizawa (Japan)(tentative)

Regional Offices

  • America: P. Malchesky, P. Moriarty, A. Torloni
  • Europe: K. Derfler, J. Klinkmann, V. Witt
  • Pan-Pacific: H. Tsuda, K. Lin, D. Kong

The Board of Trustees


  • P. Ivanovich (USA)
  • A. Kaplan (USA)
  • B O Khatri (USA)
  • P. Malchesky (USA)
  • A. deFerranti (USA)
  • G. Siami (USA)
  • R. Reddy (USA)
  • F. Siami (USA)
  • M. Figueroa (Argentina)


  • W. Ramlow (Germany)
  • U. Julius (Germany)
  • J. Klinkmann (Germany)
  • S. Pokrovsky (Russia)
  • R. Ponikvar (Slovenia)
  • P. Schuff-Werner (Germany)
  • C. Stefanutti (Italy)
  • A. Vogt ( Germany)
  • V. Witt (Austria)
  • A. Ramunni (Italy)


  • T. Akizawa (Japan)
  • H. Chiu (ROC)
  • K. Han (Korea)
  • N. Koga (Japan)
  • M. Minesihma (Japan)
  • S. Ikeda (Japan)
  • S .Inadome (Japan)
  • H. Shoji (japan)
  • S. Oda (Japan)
  • L. Li (China)
 Lists of organizations

International Society For Apheresis

Postcode: 520-2192

Shiga University of Medical Science,
Seta Tsukinowa-cho, Otsu,
Shiga 520-2192, Japan

ISFA 15th World Congress