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Current president greeting

Yoshihiro Endo
10th Term President
Yoshihiro Endo
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is my great honor to be inaugurated as 10th President of ISFA. Since ISFA founded, I have been engaged in ISFA Headquarters management, which has been led by Prof. Masashi Kodama (ex-Secretary Treasurer, Honorary member) and Prof. Tohru Tani (ex-President, current Secretary Treasurer). As the international society made of individual members, ISFA has been making many efforts to improve Apheresis researches and to disseminate the most up-to-date Apheresis technologies and their clinical applications. From 45 counties worldwide, more than 500 members have joined us today.

In ISFA history, we can say 2016 is the important year. E-ISFA (The European Group - International Society for Apheresis) has been founded in Europe to act as a specific association for Apheresis improvement and dissemination in Europe. They are planning to arrange the congress every other year between ISFA biennial conferences. In parallel with this, the collaboration with ASFA has been started. Prof. P. Moriarty is the chief liaison officer of ASFA collabo. ASFA symposium during ISFA meeting was organized at ISFA2017 Copenhagen. As ASFA has many members who are involved in blood transfusion, Therapeutic Apheresis is expected to be spread more in collaboration with ISFA. In Pan-Pacific region, we have been making academic exchanges with JSDT and JSFA. JSFA organizes annual congress and invites many outstanding speakers from Asia under AAA’s (Asian Apheresis Academia) support. I believe ISFA 2019 held in Japan will be a good chance to increase new members in Asia.

Now we have two types of membership category, Regular member (with TAD on-line access & TAD journal copies) and Associate member (with TAD on-line access but no TAD journal copies.) Associate members had been restricted only to students and co-medical staffs. But it is necessary to involve so many doctors from developing countries as possible in order to disseminate Apheresis technologies to every part of the world. We are now on starting to widen Associate membership target to cover the doctors in developing countries. Please contact ISFA Headquarters office if you have any interest.

Thanks to Dr. Wladimir Szpirt, ISFA 2017Copenhagen ends in great success and made remarkable achievement. I am pleased to welcome you to the 12th World Congress of International Society for Apheresis (ISFA), in conjunction with the 40th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Apheresis (JSFA), which will take place in Kyoto, Japan October 17th - 20th in 2019. This will be the second ISFA congress held in Kyoto, following the 1st World Congress of ISFA in 1996. It is my profound pleasure and great honor to host ISFA 2019 back again in Kyoto, which reminds us the memorable 1st ISFA Congress.

Being held at the same time, ISFA 2019 & JSFA 2019 must become a historic meeting. This congress will serve as a springboard again and strongly contribute the remarkable and world-wide advancement of apheresis in both scientific and clinical fields. I am very excited to see you from every part of the world and to welcome you to FANTASTIC KYOTO.

Yoshihiro Endo, MD, PhD
President, International Society for Apheresis
Congress President
12th World Congress of International Society for Apheresis ﴾ISFA2019﴿
Congress President,
40th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Apheresis (JSFA2019)

The Officers and The Board of Trustees 10th Term (2017-2019)

The Officers


Y. Endo (Japan)


A. Kaplan (USA)

Immediate Past-President

W. Szpirt (Denmark)

Congress President

(12th Pan-Pacific)

Y. Endo (Japan)

Vice President

  • B. Sachais (USA)
  • V. Witt (Austria)
  • H. Matsuo (Japan)

Secretary Treasurer

T. Tani (Japan)

Editor-in Chief

T. Akizawa (Japan)

Regional Offices

  • America: P.Malchesky, P.Moriarty, A.Torloni
  • Europe: K.Derfler, J.Klinkmann, W.Ramlow
  • Pan-Pacific: M.Mineshima, K.Lin

The Board of Trustees


  • P. Malchesky (USA)
  • P. Moriarty (USA)
  • J. Raval (USA)
  • R. Reddy (USA)
  • F. Siami (USA)
  • A. Torloni (USA)
  • T. Ueno (USA)
  • T. Fulop (USA)
  • D. Kiprov(USA)
  • A. Winkler(USA)


  • W. Ramlow (Germany)
  • U. Julius (Germany)
  • J. Klinkmann (Germany)
  • J. Rozga (Pol)
  • J. Kielstein (Germany)
  • V. Witt (Austria)
  • K. Derfler (Aus)
  • A. Casian (UK)
  • A. Vogt (Gernmany)


  • T. Akizawa (Japan)
  • K. Han (Korea)
  • N. Koga (Japan)
  • K. Yamaji (Japan)
  • S. Ikeda (Japan)
  • T. Sukegawa (Japan)
  • H. Shoji (Japan)
  • L. Li (China)
  • Y. Eguchi (Japan)
  • D. Kong (China)
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International Society For Apheresis

Postcode: 520-2192

Shiga University of Medical Science,
Seta Tsukinowa-cho, Otsu,
Shiga 520-2192, Japan

ISFA 15th World Congress