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Current president greeting

Wladimir Szpirt9th Term President
Wladimir Szpirt
Dear colleagues:

Becoming the President of ISFA is an honour and a privilege. In 1983 I performed my first Plasma Exchange, and participating in the development of new Apheresis modalities and indications has been an exciting adventure. The success of the Xth ISFA Congress held this May in Cancun will hopefully help our society expand future activities and recruit more members.

ISFA plays an important role in disseminating the latest international advances in the field of Apheresis and in fostering cooperation among healthcare professionals and scientists in order to develop new techniques and treatments for our patients. We are planning new educational courses, and will invite Apheresis nurses to participate and become involved in the coming events.

I believe that ISFA is the best forum to exchange and communicate the latest achievements in our field. Thanks to the excellent editorial board, our journal has an established scientific reputation. However, our meetings still need more support and participation. The progress and development of Apheresis is dependent on contributions of all of our members. I know that many have the capacity and expertise to help ISFA become better and stronger.

As president, I pledge to further promote the international collaboration of physicians and scientists to advance the field of Apheresis. I look forward to welcoming you to the XIth ISFA Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark in May 2017.

Wladimir Szpirt MD


The Officers and The Board of Trustees 9th Term (2015-2017)

The Officers


W. Szpirt(Denmark)


Y. Endo (Japan)

Immediate Past-President

P. Moriarty (USA)

Congress President

(11th Europe)

W. Szpirt (Denmark)

Vice President

  • A. Torloni (USA)
  • A. Casian (UK)
  • H. Matsuo (Japan)

Secretary Treasurer

T. Tani (Japan)

Editor-in Chief

T. Akizawa (Japan)

Regional Offices

  • America: P. Malchesky, P. Moriarty, A. Torloni
  • Europe: K. Derfler, J. Klinkmann, V. Witt
  • Pan-Pacific: M. Mineshima, K. Lin, D. Kong

The Board of Trustees


  • A. Guerra Marquez (Mexico)
  • A. Kaplan (USA)
  • B O Khatri (USA)
  • P. Malchesky (USA)
  • A. Winkler (USA)
  • J. Raval (USA)
  • R. Reddy (USA)
  • F. Siami (USA)
  • M. Mejia Arregui (Mexico)
  • R. Weinstein (USA)


  • W. Ramlow (Germany)
  • U. Julius (Germany)
  • J. Klinkmann (Germany)
  • J. Rozga (Pol)
  • R. Ponikvar (Slovenia)
  • C. Stefanutti (Italy)
  • J. Kielstein (Germany)
  • V. Witt (Austria)
  • K. Derfler (Austria)


  • T. Akizawa (Japan)
  • H. Chiu (ROC)
  • K. Han (Korea)
  • N. Koga (Japan)
  • K. Yamaji (Japan)
  • S. Ikeda (Japan)
  • T. Fukuda (Japan)
  • H. Shoji (Japan)
  • S. Oda (Japan)
  • L. Li (China)
 Lists of organizations

International Society For Apheresis

Postcode: 520-2192

Shiga University of Medical Science,
Seta Tsukinowa-cho, Otsu,
Shiga 520-2192, Japan

ISFA 15th World Congress